About AIE

The Alternative Investment Exchange or AIE for short, provides a safe place where Investors can list all their Alternative Investments in order to help realise value from them.

Often an Alternative Investment is unsaleable because the quantity on offer is not substantial enough to make it a viable purchase.

Perhaps the best example of this is Rare Earth Metals or REM.

REM would often be sold to an Investor in quantities too small for any commercial user of the material to be interested in purchasing it.

Would a refiner buy from 100 Investors when they could more straightforwardly purchase the same amount from one wholesaler?

The answer is an obvious no but what if it could be made easier, for in this case a refiner, to buy from 100 Investors by only carrying out one transaction instead of 100?

This is where the AIE works, by bringing investors together it is possible to repackage these investments and make them easier to market and liquidate, helping Investors to “realise value in numbers”.

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