How much does it cost?

We have made the AIE as cost effective as we can, you can list upto 5 items for as little as £150 for registration and one years listing. There is a renewal fee of 10% each year, in this case it would be £15.

How long does it take?

Once you have chosen your listing package and made payment we will send you a registration link where you can complete your profile and begin to list the investments you would like to place on the AIE. Before these go live we validate and make sure the listings are properly formatted.

How often do I get updated?

You will be updated immediately at various milestones and if interest is shown or offers are made on your listings. Listing totals are updated weekly and a once monthly email including summary updates will be sent to your registered email.

Do you take commission on any future sales?

Yes. Commission is capped at absolute maximum of 5% and this is reflective of the amount in relation to the work undertaken. Discounts are available for members of the IIA.

Are you a registered company?

Bein Global Ltd owns and operates the AIE as well as the IIA. Bein Global is a company registered in England and Wales.